Would They Lie to You?

02 June 2014 by Natasha
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Some of you might be familiar with the show ‘Would I Lie to You?’ by BBC. Well that night (28/5), the ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’ and nuts present the audience ‘Would They Lie to You?’.

I’ve been here since September and ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’ comedy group has always brighten my days. I still remember them performing during the welcoming ceremony day, making it different than other university’s introduction.

This time, once I heard they are going to perform I reserved a ticket right away from nuts. In addition, two highly respected professor from RuG is going to perform as the competing team captains; John Flood and Hans.

How does the show work?

There are two competing teams (plus the audience) in the show. Each member will tell his story that might be true. The audience and the rival team have to decide whether it is a lie or not. If either guessed correctly, a point is rewarded. It was really tricky since most of the stories are just bizarre. Who would ever guess that John Flood had slept in the Arc Bishop’s bed? It was even more interesting when we have to guess whose story the team was telling. For instance, all of them admitted they were in a gang, but only one was actually telling the truth.

After two halves of full laugh I went home with my friend, feeling really lighten up. That night, I learnt a lot of strange facts. However, was that all? Definitely not, because stranger things have happened in this town.