Being a tourist in Groningen

19 May 2015 by Valia
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Being a tourist in Groningen

Being a tourist in Groningen

Groningen, despite its small size, offers many options for tourists. The best place for a tourist to gather the necessary information is the tourist information center in Grote Markt. There you can get informed about what to see, but you can also buy maps, tickets, souvenirs, etc.

What follows is a list of the four must see things in Groningen.

The Martini Tower

It is located in Grote markt. It is the bell tower of the Martini church, also worth visiting, which is located just next to it. The Martini tower contains 62 bells and it is the most renowned landmark of the city. Inside, the spiral staircase of 260 steps will take you directly to the top of the tower. The steps sound like a lot, but once you reach the top, the breathtaking overview of the city will definitely reward you. The entrance fee for the Martini Tower is five euros. Tourists can buy their tickets in the tourist information center. On a daily basis the tower is open until 17:00.

Groninger Museum

For museum lovers Groninger museum offers the opportunity to see a variety of exhibitions from both Dutch and non-Dutch artists. The museum holds a lot of exhibitions in the same time and tourists can take a look into all of them with the same ticket. Exhibitions include painting, pottery, ceramics and many more. One think to keep in mind though is that the museum is closed on Mondays and that it closes at 17:00 on a daily basis. The ticket costs 13 euros but if you book it in advance you might benefit from special offers or discounts. The museum is just across the central train station of the city and close to the city center.


It is a tourist attraction worth visiting from mid of spring till mid of autumn. It is located in the city center, close to the Martini tower and it is among the most beautiful green spots of the city. The cafeteria in the garden offers the opportunity to visitors to catch their breath from their busy schedule, enjoy a coffee in the sun and then continue walking around the flowery garden. Prinsenhof, is the name of the house in which the garden belongs to. It used to be a military hospital during the French occupation. Don't forget to take a look on the big sundial, placed on the main arch, on your way out. There is no entrance fee for the garden.

Canal trip

I would say, if you are in Groningen in a sunny day, go for it. You can find the canal boats just across the central train station. It is the spot from which they depart, but also you can find their schedule there as well. It is a 60 minutes ride around the canals of Groningen. It offers a guided tour, but don't worry if you are not Dutch, since it is also translated in German, English and Spanish. It gives you the opportunity to see what is engraved or portrayed underneath the bridges and also get to know some extra information about the main landmarks of the city. Order a nice coffee, relax and enjoy it. The cost is 12 euros. You can buy your tickets there.