Celebrating the Dutch King

30 April 2015 by Valia
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Celebrating the Dutch King


Text Box: Figure 1:Photo taken by Damianos-Kosmas RoussosDescription: J:\_DSC0073-1_tonemapped.tifSince I moved to Groningen I heard a lot of stories about the King’s day; however what I experienced over the last three days was beyond my expectations.

Photo taken by Damianos-Kosmas RoussosThe festivities’ preparations in Grote markt and Vismarkt started on Friday. A stage was placed in each of the squares and people were working hard during the whole day to prepare everything needed for the following parties.

On Saturday’s evening the first party started. Since I had to study a lot during the weekend, I was stuck in my place. I tried to stay focused and keep studying. At some point I realized that this is impossible. So, I grabbed my shoes and headed to the party.

The second I arrived in Grote markt I was hooked. The square was filled with people of all ages, mostly students, dressed by the day’s orange dress code. Beer flowed abundantly and the band that was performing at that point was so groovy that no-one could resist dancing. It was clear that all people were in a crazy party-mood.

I got myself a beer and merged into the crowd. I was already overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Later, with my friends we decided to visit Vismarkt and check out what was happening over there. On our way to the square I realized that in every street of the city center there was a DJ playing music. I was amazed.

Over at Vismarkt the things that was visible in a distance was people’s heads and the big stage where another music band was performing live.  The atmosphere was more or less the same in comparison to Grote markt’s.

We spent the night going back and forth and from party to party. I decided to finally leave in the early hours of the morning with a heavy heart, to get some sleep and rest. The very next morning I was decided to study, however, when I heard music coming from Grote markt again around afternoon I couldn’t help but join another party. I wasn’t feeling guilty at all since the weather was too great to be stuck inside reading.

The same scenario was repeated and for a second day in a row we reveled and drunk till we dropped.       

                       Photo taken by Damianos-Kosmas Roussos

                        Photos taken by Damianos-Kosmas Roussos

Text Box: Figure 2: Photo taken by Damianos-Kosmas RoussosDescription: J:\_DSC0005-1_tonemapped.tifDespite knowing of how the King’s day is celebrated, I wasn’t fully prepared, so I broke the orange dress-code, since I didn’t have something orange to wear. However, this will definitely be added to my must things to do on the king’s day list for next year.

When the celebrations were over the whole city looked like it was bombarded during the weekend. On my way to the university the following morning I noticed that everything was back to normal, nice and clean. So, I think the city’s cleaners do worth an endorsement for their spectacular job, which they managed to complete in just a few hours!