Filming in Holtbar

20 April 2015 by Valia
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Filming in Holtbar

You can find many coffee places that serve good quality coffee in Groningen and especially downtown. If you want though to combine a cup of nice coffee with shopping try the Holtbar next time.   

Today, the day started as usual for me. I woke up around 8:00 a.m., I ate breakfast and then I cycled to the Harmonie building for the regular morning meeting with my teachers. Together with the rest of my classmates we received all the instructions needed to work on our new assignment, which was filming around the city.

Since we had no restrictions on what to shoot, we all decided to visit a new café in town called Holtbar and film the coffee preparation process. We packed the necessary gear for the massive camera, handed in our subject report and head out.

The Holtbar is a cafe in Oude Kijk In ‘T Jatstraat 20, just in the heart of Groningen and really close to the university which makes it the perfect spot for the regular student’s coffee break.

We entered the coffee place and asked for the owner, Hilrieke Mansholt. We had a short discussion with her and presented our project, asking for her permission to shoot. To be honest, she was very friendly and willing to help us.

We spent a couple of hours there, so I had plenty of time during filming or break time to get a better look at the store. This café is not just a regular coffee place. It is a concept store, which means that it offers not only great coffee but it also features a lot of cute products. You can find a variety of stuff to buy in Holtbar, from soft blankets up to fashion or beauty products.

Since I haven’t seen a lot of concept stores in the city I was curious to know how Hilrieke came up with the idea of a concept store, I couldn’t help but ask her.

“My sister had the idea of opening a store. I used to live in Amsterdam, where there are a lot of concept stores, however in Groningen there are only a few. Since we didn’t want to open a store focusing only on selling clothes for example, we thought of opening a concept store with more variety,” Hilrieke told me.


Holtbar offers a nice and relaxing atmosphere. I noticed people working there, while others were more interested in the café’s store.

Unfortunately, we had to leave around 14:00 for another meeting with our teachers, but luckily I had enough time to enjoy a nice cappuccino before leaving. I think Holtbar is already one of my favorite cafés in the city. Since I didn’t have the chance to try the tempting homemade lemonade today, I’ll definitely honor it next time.