Moving Out

29 October 2015 by Valia
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Moving Out

A year ago I moved to Groningen in order to attend a Master’s degree. While trying to make myself feel like home I thought I have to visit some stores or just take a look on what’s on offer on facebook groups and buy some basic stuff for my apartment.

It only took me a couple of hours to find everything I needed, since those facebook groups like For sale Groningen or Groningen market are a life savior for the majority of foreign students. You can find a variety of second hand items, which are actually being sold in very good prices.

I arranged everything with the sellers and I was about to pick them the very next day. But since I was pretty new in town and I wasn’t familiar with how I could carry them, I did a short online research. The main conclusion was to go downtown and rent a bakfiet, as they call it, for around 12 euros per day. 

My first reaction was to laugh. I knew Groningen is among the most bike-friendly cities, however I wasn’t expecting to carry my new sofa by bike. Actually, judging from its size, I was doubting whether I would be able to drive it or not. I went for a walk in order to look for other options but it seemed like the bakfiets were all over the place, everywhere I turned someone was driving one. So I decided to go with the flow.

Renting a bakfiet is a really easy and quick procedure. The only document needed is your I.D.

So, I did it and it’s not that difficult to drive. You should be careful when braking though, but besides that, bakfiets are the easiest and cheapest way to carry your furniture. Next time consider giving it a try.