Things I like about Groningen

27 September 2015 by Valia
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Things I like about Groningen

After spending a whole year in Groningen, I realized that there are many things I love about this city and that I would miss once I am away. In this blog I will only focus on the top four!


1. The city’s atmosphere

Groningen is definitely a student city hosting around 50,000 students every year. This is what makes it special and very lively despite its small size and location. No matter what time you go out, you always see people (drunk - or not) walking around. On sunny days, almost everyone is out enjoying a nice cup of coffee with their friends. 


2. The almost car-free city center

Groningen is among the most bike-friendly cities in the world. The way its city center has been built and its narrow streets discourage many drivers to go downtown by car. Besides, even if they do so I doubt if they will be able to find a parking spot easily. It is true that your bike can take you everywhere in Groningen.


3. Train station’s bike parking

The station’s bike parking is the very first thing you will see if you visit Groningen by train. There tons of bikes parked there everyday and usually they double during the weekends. In case you want to travel, make sure you have enough time to find a spot to park your bike, otherwise you might risk loosing the train.


4.The bakfiets

These are basically cargo bikes, which you can rent for a good price, for half a day and move your stuff. They are awesome actually but pretty terryfying when you see them for the first time. However, I think they are definitely worth trying.