Time for Groceries

27 May 2015 by Valia
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Time for Groceries








In Groningen there are plenty of places you can visit in order to buy your groceries, especially if you live near the city center. For those who would like to save some money the city’s open market is the best place to buy all the things needed for the whole week.  

This market is placed along one of the most central squares in Groningen, the Vismarkt square. People can visit the Vismarkt market three times a week, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, from 9-5 p.m.

It offers a variety of products. You can find a plethora of fruits and vegetables but you can also find bread, cheese, chicken (raw or roasted), fish and meat. However, if you are planning to buy fish keep in mind that you should go early in the morning for two reasons. First, to buy the fresh ones and second because in the morning sellers have time to clean the fish for you  since the market is not as crowded as later on.

Comparing the prices between the open market and the super market it is true that the former combines three important elements: more variety, better quality and lower prices.

For those who might happen to be near the Vismarkt market but still need nothing to buy, they can enjoy a cup of coffee or eat some fried fish. Benches and tables are always provided by the sellers in order to sit down and enjoy your quick lunch or dinner if you are Dutch.