A Direct Line with Groningen

gepubliceerd : 23 October 2011

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A Direct Line with Groningen

Good news for all prospective students! There’s a way to obtain more information about studying in the city of Groningen. Browsing through our website or those of the universities is a good way to gather a lot of insight into student life already. But, by talking to students in an online chat session you’ll be able to get more specific answers to your questions. Here’s how it works.

The International Student Team of Hanze UAS organises several chat sessions for prospective students. Students from all over the world studying at the university will share their knowledge about the city, student life, Bachelor and Master programmes or anything else you’d like to know about Groningen. You can join through Skype or MSN. Can’t join? No worries, all questions and answers will be posted on Twitter afterwards.

Here’s how to find out more:

By: Ido Venhuizen