A flood of talented musicians

gepubliceerd : 16 January 2012

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A flood of talented musicians

It’s a trending topic in Groningen; on facebook, twitter and over a cup of coffee.’Do you have Eurosonic tickets?’ Tickets to the festival were sold out in ten minutes, but over 17.000 people were lucky enough to answer that question with 'yes'! No wonder they were so eager to obtain a ticket: the festival is the biggest showcase-festival in Europe! Meaning there’s a flood of talented new musicians in Groningen.

As a showcase festival, Eurosonic is all about musical talent and discovering promising artists. During four days over 300 performances are featured on 36 stages throughout the city, so having a ticket means four days of listening to one good musician or band after another. Originally the festival started out as a battle of the bands and it still has that element. Putting on a good show on Eurosonic opens a lot of doors since it’s being aired on radio throughout Europe.

In fact the event is split in to two festivals. Eurosonic (11-13 Jan) features promising European bands. The other festival is Noorderslag (14 Jan), this event focuses primarily on promising Dutch artists. Both events often lead the way, since many past performers are now household names in the Netherlands, like Pete Philly & Perquisite and Lucky Fonz III. Others are known internationally, like Caro Emerald or Mando Diao. And this is just a small selection of all the good artists that’s been here over the years.

The sheer size of the line-up this year is again jaw-dropping. Simply browsing through the music will take you some time, let alone deciding which acts to visit. Luckily they devised a very practical system for this. Simply scroll through the website and click on all the acts you saw or wanted to see and a you'll get more information. Even all our favourites are too much to sum-up her. Alamo Race Track, of which Unicorn Loves Deer is considered one of the best albums of a Dutch group of the last year, put on a good show on an unusual place. The Aa-Kerk (a church) was transformed into a stage for a couple of days. School is Cool from Belgium showed us in the Vera that they are absolutely going to make it and simply naming these two acts feels like not doing justice to all the rest of the performances. It’s just impossible to name all that shined during the festival!

The organisation even thought of the unlucky ones who didn’t obtain a ticket. Eurosonic Air on the Grote Markt was open for everyone. With the famous Dutch hip hop group De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, the internationally acclaimed band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and this year’s winner of the European Border Breaking Award Selah Sue, they sure delivered. With such an astonishing line-up and influence on Europe’s musical landscape, it’s not surprising there’s been press coverage from throughout Europe, click here to hear the BBC Eurosonic special. We’ll be certain to visit again. Will you join us next year?

By: Ido Venhuizen