A mixture of cultures in Groningen

gepubliceerd : 03 March 2012

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A mixture of cultures in Groningen A mixture of cultures in Groningen

When you choose Groningen as the city where you will spend your Erasmus semester (or perhaps an entire study programme!) you probably still need to find your way through the city centre. Bicycles are scattered all over the city, the weather is always unpredictable and when you enter the Grote Markt, the smell of ‘stroopwafels’ is welcoming you.

However, once you’re settled, found your way to the university and even found the courage to cycle through the city centre, there is one other major aspect you still need to be informed on: party life in Groningen!

Getting to know the Dutch student life isn’t so hard with the largest Erasmus Student Network (ESN) of Europe present in Groningen. ESN organises a wide array of events and activities throughout the year, varying from social to cultural to academic. You don’t even have to be a member of ESN to attend the activities: everything is held on a non-membership basis! Nevertheless, when you do sign up as a member, you will receive the ESN Card, giving you discounts at bars and restaurants throughout the entire city!

A popular and well-known event that is organised by ESN Groningen on annual basis is the International Week. The event is organised together with five other student associations in Groningen: Aegee, Sib, Dizkartes and Albertus. The main goal of the International Week is simple: getting to know each other’s culture! This means the International Week is welcoming every student in Groningen: International ánd Dutch. For this year, the event will be held coming March. During the week, plenty of activities will be organized, including a spectacular opening party, an interactive workshop, a movie night, and many more!

As the International Week of 2011 turned out to be a great success, you surely do not want to miss out on this year’s International Week. Keep track on the website of ESN Groningen, as more information will be posted soon!

By: Petra Vledder