A new year of study

gepubliceerd : 02 September 2011

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The city centre is crowded with first years learning their way around the city, the university buildings are showing signs of life again and book stores serving to students are extremely busy. The city of Groningen and you are preparing for a new year of study. And it feels good.

The year kicks off with a grand opening in front of the Academy Building: the Rector Magnificus makes a toast to the new year and a stage is prepared where bands will entertain the crowd of students. Can you imagine a more relaxing way to start a new year of study? Each Faculty also prepares an introduction day for their students and for first years this gets really exciting. What are the kind of people you will meet? With whom will you be spending the next year during classes? What does the study programme for the first semester look like? What are the teachers like? Which university buildings are used by your Faculty? Luckily, the faculty introduction day provides answers to these questions!

Most student associations take care of their new members by offering a book sale of all the books needed for the first year. This means waiting in line with the people you just met during the faculty’s introduction and then browsing through your new books together. Now you get the feeling your new study is really about to begin. Almost. Just don’t forget to attend the introduction camp of the student association related to your programme of study. During the first weekend of the new year the countryside of Groningen is flooded with first years heading towards an introduction camp. After this weekend you will not have simply met new people, you will have made friends for life!

As you can see, the beginning of a new year of study is not just attending classes. It’s a whole process filled with exciting activities which will undoubtedly put you in the right mood to open your books and start reading for the first time this year. Hopefully, many pages will follow.

By: Ido Venhuizen