An Island Holiday

gepubliceerd : 28 May 2012

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An Island Holiday

What if... you’ve just finished the last exam for the semester in Groningen and you’re dying to get away for the weekend with some friends. Sounds like a plan..., but where do you go?

You could take the Dutch students as an example, because they know a few good spots. Five good spots to be precise: we’re talking about the Frisian Islands. These numerous islands, also called Wadden Islands, stretch along the North of the Dutch coast to the West of the Danish coast. There are over forty of them in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and not all of them are inhabited. The entire area has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2009. In The Netherlands there are five inhabited islands and they are a favourite destination to blow off some steam. Here’s why.

Kite, wind or normal surfing, wakeboarding, cycling, lying on the beach, swimming of course or anything else you can do on the coast. If you want to be active then look no further, but if you want to relax and just take a few days off, the islands can be tranquil as well. Thirdly, there’s a sweet party scene going on during the summer months. Some campsites specialised in hosting youth (you don’t want to disturb the old people visiting for the healthy sea air) and they are flocked with party animals looking for a good time.

All this is in reach within a couple of hours from Groningen. Simply take the bus or train, then the ferry and you’re there. For example, 1.5 hours with the bus and 45 minutes on the boat and you’re on the lovely island of Schiermonnikoog (don’t try to pronounce it). There’s also an alternative route you can take. The islands protect the Wadden Sea from the much larger North Sea, because of this; large parts between the islands and the mainland fall dry during low tide, turning into mudflats. If you’re especially adventurous you can visit the islands on foot, mudflat hiking it’s called, and it’s not for the faint-hearted (there’s a certain pressure to arrive in time).

If you’re in for a taste of freedom while visiting here, the islands are the place to look.

By: Ido Venhuizen