Budget life in Groningen

gepubliceerd : 18 September 2013

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Sometimes in life, it's hard to be a student. Especially when the end of the month is coming closer. Your money seems to just fade away and you have to live a little less luxurious. However, you don't want to stop eating good food or quit going out. GroningenLife! understands these typical problems and decided to help you out. We went out to find the best places in town to go out, grab a bite and keep your money in your pocket. By describing an average day in the life of a student, we will show you how to live cheap!

09:00 PM
You wake up, still tired and with a slight headache. You have to study today, so it’s going to be a long and tough day. And you're broke. You didn't buy any breakfast for this morning, so you have to go out to get a healthy first meal. You can get a really cheap breakfast at the HEMA, a big warehouse. Here they offer a baguette with bacon and eggs, a croissant with jam and a coffee for just €1,- . You only have to be there before 10:00 in the morning. In exam periods this place is crowded with students who want a fresh start of the day without spending too much money. The perfect place to get a breakfast when you're broke! 

13:00 AM
Your stomach is growling after studying all morning. It’s time to get lunch. Just around the corner from the University Library (UB), in the Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat El Txoko is situated. They offer a lunch and a coffee or tea to students for just €6,- . For this price, you can choose a luxurious sandwich with some Mediterranean specialty. During the summer they open the terrace in their garden, which makes you feel like you’re actually lunching in Valencia. 

15:00 AM
After studying some more, you have to get some stuff in the city. Because your money supply is low, you have to get as much discount as possible. So, first you visit the So-Low at the Vismarkt. They have almost everything you can think of atthe lowest prices. After getting some useful stuff over here, you walk to the Haddingestraat, this were the Korenbeurs is. This is where you go when you have to paint your room and are in need of some cheap paint. They sell stuff to bottom prices.

Next stop is the Weg=Pech in the Gelkingestraat. Here get all your bathroom-equipment with a lot of discount. At this place, you can buy, for example, five tubes of toothpastes for the same price as you pay for one tube of toothpaste in the supermarket. Perfect when you have a small budget to work with.

For study books you should have a look on the shelves of the second-hand department in the Selexyz Bookstore. Most of the times, they offer an older version of your books for less than half the price you would otherwise pay for a new one. When you can't find what you need over here, you have surf to bol.com and you can have a look in their collection of second-handed books. Another option is to have a look on the Facebookpage of your study, since fellow students often offer their old books here.

18:00 AM (typical Dutch time for dinner)
After this productive day you are going to get dinner with some friends. It isn't hard to find a place to get a cheap dinner in Groningen. Most of the restaurants have a lot of students as customers and that shows in their prices. A good place to get a meaty burger and some fries is the Papa Joe's, situated in both the Folkingestraat and the Gelkingestraat. They offer a delicious, American-style burger menu for somewhere under the €10,-. Something you have to try when visiting the Papa Joe's is the Big Kahuna burger, copied from the film Pulp-Fiction. When you want to have dinner even cheaper, visit the O'Malleys in the Oosterstraat. Before 19:00 you can have a pasta Bolognese or hamburger with fries for just €2,50! It is not possible to get dinner cheaper and that's why O'Malleys is always packed with both foreign and Dutch students.

With these tips you can survive the last days of every month. You don't have to spend a lot of money to still live the good life in Groningen.

By Tomas Riemens