Creative Talent Elizabeth: combining a passion with studying!

gepubliceerd : 13 March 2012

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Creative Talent Elizabeth: combining a passion with studying!

Groningen offers many opportunities for students to explore their creative side. When you are a student at Hanze University of Applied Sciences or the University of Groningen, you can for instance sign up for various creative courses at the Cultural Student Centre Usva: visual arts, graphic design or digital photography…everything is possible! But what if you have the possibility to combine your hobby with your study programme? Elizabeth Visscher, a fourth year Bachelor student of the Hanze University of Groningen, has a passion for photography, and had the opportunity to combine it with her studies. Curious? GroningenLife! asked her a few questions..

You are currently studying International Communication at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. How do you combine your hobby with studying?
For my study programme you are expected to spend one year abroad. I studied half a year in Iceland and then I went to Sweden for an internship. After that, I went to China for my specialisation in ‘International Business Communication’. During those times I had great opportunities to take pictures. During my internship in Sweden, I also had the opportunity to make photos for the marketing materials of the internship company.

When did you become interested in photography?
In 2010 I went to Iceland for my minor and I thought this would be a good reason for me to buy a DSLR camera. I have always been interested in photography, and by buying a more expensive camera, I could capture the beautiful landscapes and good moments of my Erasmus exchange in Iceland very well!

How do you develop your talent in Groningen?
At the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, students get the opportunity to follow a course in photography, and those who are experienced can apply for the talent class. And, they also provide reading materials. It doesn’t really matter which study programme you’re enrolled in, as long as you’re a student at the university you can apply for the photography course! During those classes I received feedback on my photos in order for me to improve my skills.

How do you see your future career?
When I finish my studies at the Hanze University, I am planning to do a master in ‘Organisational Psychology’. After that I would like to become a communication consultant. I am specifically interested in internal communication and I find it challenging to solve conflicts within organisations. And of course I would like to continue working on my photography skills!

And last but not least: Which places are the best to photograph in Groningen?
Personally I think it’s fun to walk around the city centre and look for the things you normally don’t notice. Groningen has beautiful old buildings and it’s fun to look for the details on those building which tell you something about the history of Groningen. Besides that, the canals are beautiful as well, like the Noorderhaven. If you want to photograph some interesting people you should go to Folkingestraat, a small street close to the Vismarkt

Door: Petra Vledder