Decorating can be cheap!

gepubliceerd : 07 October 2012

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Decorating can be cheap!

When searching for a place to live during your studies in Groningen, you can either choose for a furnished room or an empty room. Most international students choose for furnished rooms; it will save you a lot of money and time. However, in both cases you probably still want to decorate it to make it feel a bit more like home. Searching for (cheap) furniture and decoration for your room is definitely worth your time with the tips we can give you!

1. For sale in Groningen
For those looking for a good bargain, should definitely visit the Facebook page ‘For sale in Groningen’. The page is set-up by international students who finished their studies in Groningen but are left with plenty of furniture. The Facebook page is actually one big marketplace specifically for students in Groningen. Anyone can sell anything, from books and tennis gear till sleeping couches for only a few euros. The only thing you have to do is sign up for Facebook (if you haven’t done that already), join the Facebook page and start looking through the posts! 

2. Mamamini
Mamamini is a thrift store, and at the beginning of each new school year you will find the shop filled with new (international) students looking for cheap furniture. Most students aren’t that picky on the colour or fabric; an old couch with 70’s flowers won’t bother you if you can buy it for only ten euros; once you’ve put it in your room you can put a blanket over it and you’re ready to invite your friends!

3. Ikea
Fancy buying new furniture instead of second-or third hand? You don’t need to spend all of your savings if you visit the famous blue and yellow building of Ikea. If you subscribe to the newsletter or visit the website of Ikea Groningen, you will find that they have different sale items each month, which can save you a lot of money. When visiting the store, you will also find a special sale section near the counters at the end of the store with all items that are on sale. 

You’re probably wondering how to move all these great new stuff into your room. You could rent a car, but that’s quite expensive considering the money you have saved doing budget shopping. A much cheaper option is the ‘bakfiets’. It’s a big carrier cycle which is free to rent for one hour if you have shopped at Mamamini. If you like to have more time (to practice carrier cycling for example), you can rent one for only ten euros per morning or afternoon at the Stadswerkplaats.

You see, by visiting the right places you can end up decorating your room with paying only half of the price!

By: Petra Vledder and Yoni Pasman