Escape Hunt Groningen

gepubliceerd : 10 November 2014

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Escape Hunt: ‘A dangerous criminal has discovered a lethal virus. His plan is to distribute it over Groningen in gaseous state. If he succeeds, everyone will die. It’s your job to stop him in one hour. Good luck.’

Escape Hunt is a worldwide concept, which is rapidly growing in popularity. You’re locked inside a room with your team (two to six people) and you’re supposed to escape within one hour by cracking a numerical code. The room is filled with many assignments, puzzles and mysteries, which you can solve by thinking logically. However; thinking logically is quite hard with so much time pressure and an overdose of adrenaline in the room.

Escape Hunt is now introduced in the Netherlands, as the first branch is opened in Groningen. Another one will open in Amsterdam soon. Until now there were several Escape Rooms in the Netherlands. The difference is that Escape Hunt is connected to a worldwide concept, which values the complete ‘experience’. Escape Rooms can be set up by anyone without any rules, therefor the complexity of the games and the interior of the rooms can vary a lot.

When entering the lobby the ‘experience’ starts right away: Two blonde ladies dressed in black blouses welcome you by taking your coat and getting you a cappuccino. The lobby is decorated in a Sherlock-Holmes like style with antique chairs, poultry on the walls, brown Chesterfield couches and beige floor lamps. After the coffee one of the ladies brings us to the room and explains the concept once more. In case we really get stuck, we can ask her for a hint via a telephone, climbing to the ceiling to look for clues won’t help and violence is not needed. Then the door shuts.

The founder of Escape Hunt Groningen is Johan Brakema. He brought the first McDonalds to Groningen in the 80s and now it was time for something different. Johan is present sometimes, sitting in a Chesterfield chair and enjoying his own lobby. It’s absolutely worth a try to talk to this interesting man! Fun fact: Johan told us that Escape Hunt is especially popular in Asia, where it is also used in job applications. There’s probably not a better way to get to know your future colleague.

43 minutes later we ran outside the room. It took a couple of (six) hints, but we made it! That’s quite an achievement, as only one in five groups manages to escape within one hour. One tip for the preparation: learn how to handle a numerical lock (#lockupsidedown #wasted10minutes)

By Lucia Grijpink