ESN International Week: How it’s done

gepubliceerd : 10 April 2014

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It’s been a heavy week! At the 24th to the 28th of March, the International Week took place in Groningen. This week – which is overloaded with cool events – is organized by five student associations in Groningen and the thought behind it is to stimulate international and Dutch students to get to know each other’s cultures and to promote the integration of students. What a nice thought, don’t you think? Participating in the International Week would have cost you only twelve euros and those twelve euros were very well spend – GroningenLife! listed some of the awesome activities that took place during the International Week.

Year Club Mix (Wednesday)
In the first period after joining a student association, students create year clubs together. A year club comes together every week to eat (year club evening) and maybe to drink something afterwards at the society. During the Year Club Mix, year clubs open their doors to show how a year club evening works. With special games and lots of stories about each other’s brilliant – and sometimes embarrassing – actions, the year club mix is something you don’t want to miss! 

Beer Cantus (Thursday)
Beer Cantus, it sounds like it has something to do with drinking – and it has. But the beer cantus could be the most interactive and informative drinking game you’ve ever experienced. A beer cantus involves singing traditional songs (English and Dutch). The president will lead the cantus and during the game you will see that beer could be drunk in several highly varying and eccentric ways.

Other activities
Although the last edition of the International Week included a nice game of Beer Pong, the International Week isn’t only about drinking. First of all Beer Pong could also be played with cola, so that doesn’t count, and besides there were more than enough cultural activities. The one and only Juan Carlos taught students how to dance the salsa and Gentleman and Don’t Be Sad stole the show during the bands night.

ESN is organizing the International Week every year. When you want to participate you have to wait for a year, but maybe you’re more interested in the upcoming events. Well, don’t worry there are a lot of chances to join an activity organized by ESN, the first one is a pub quiz at the 9th of April!

By Benjamin de Bruijn