ESN Introduction Week: ACLO Day

gepubliceerd : 05 February 2014

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Today was ACLO-day, which meant… sports! ESN had taken over the entire sports centre so we could try out a large variety of different sports. Off course there were the usual sports such as basketball and volleyball, but you could also do martial arts, pole dancing - I’ll get back to that -, floor ball, squash and salsa dancing. 

I must admit that I’m not the sportiest girl you’ve ever seen and certainly not after yesterday night. So I was quite relieved when I found out that in our first round we had a ‘break’. But after half an hour of waking up in the cafeteria, it was time to become active. We started with martial arts, taught by two very muscular – really very muscular – men. They taught us a grip through which you could get someone knockout within seconds if you used enough strength. It made this workshop a pretty good way to find out who you could trust and especially, who you couldn’t. Luckily my partner didn’t kill me, possibly because we spent a lot of time staring at the instructors.

During the break, it was possible to go to a pole dancing clinic, among some other clinics. I think pretty much everyone came to the pole dancing as we hardly fitted in the room! Four girls were giving a performance, during which you saw a couple of faces with an ‘I-think-even-I-can-do-that’-expression. Luckily for them, they got the chance to try it out themselves afterwards, which was probably not very good for their confidence, since it appeared to be very hard. Even I tried it and trust me, it’s extremely difficult. If you want some funny pictures of your friends though, it’s the perfect activity.

After some intense squash, basketball and volleyball matches – unfortunately not too successful – it was time for the salsa workshop! The greatest thing about this workshop was the teacher, a man from Cuba who just kept on talking to us in Spanish in the most enthusiastic way possible. Most of us didn’t understand a word, but once in a while he just shouted ‘Si or no?’. Then the whole crowd would reply: ‘SIIIIII’ and everyone apparently understood what to do. After one hour of hips-shaking, uno-dos-tres-cuatro shouting and laughing, he casually mentioned that he actually could speak English, but just liked to speak Spanish to us.

In the evening we finally got the chance to relax at the comedy night. The group ‘Stranger things have happened’ , specialised in improvisation, was performing. We were allowed to decide what the scenes had to be about, so they ended up playing scenes about a seahorse-seksuality expert, a guy selling an aggressive lawnmower and two people on a mission trying to catch a lepracon using a piano, a burrito and a tampon. I’m not too sure though if stranger things have actually happened. If so, I please let me know.

To conclude: a very active day in which we almost killed each other, learned some Spanish, discovered that pole dancing is not one of our talents, found two very good reasons to join the martial arts association and simply laughed our asses of. A very successful day, if you ask me!

By Lucia Grijpink