ESN Introduction Week and The Local Folk

gepubliceerd : 06 February 2013

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There’s hail falling from the sky. Here and there a tiny snow storm makes our world just a little whiter. Sounds like a typical Dutch winter day. To me, that is. A part of our ESN group was actually astonished by all that white stuff whirling down from heaven. When we were heading towards the ‘Drie Gezusters’, where the Dutch Party was, a part of the gang – and especially Rafael - were going crazy during a hailstorm because it was probably the first time they saw and felt one. I hate hailstorms. Even dressed up as a penguin, didn’t compensate that. At all. ESN Introduction Week. Group 27. Day 4 and 5.

The fourth day of the introduction week was actually all about us – Dutch people. The day started with a couple of Dutch lessons, varied from just pronouncing a couple of simple words to saying what we say to each other every single day (and what makes some people freak out): ik hou van je, or in English ‘I love you’. I asked a couple of people what they thought of the Dutch language. And it seems that our language is not that popular. When I told our group that by a slight turn of history, Dutch would have been the world language that English is today, we all were actually kind of relieved. Because Dutch is an ugly language. There, I said it.

The last part of the Dutch day was the Dutch Night. And man, you guys sure know how to party! It’s not that everyone was dressed up in orange, our national color, but that everywhere around me – on the bars, the chairs, the stages – the orange color was bouncing up and down. And the hangover on the next day was more than deserved. Ouch. Thanks guys…

Luckily that hangover day was all about having a hangover. You see, there was just one thing on the program: a movie in the cinema Pathé! I don’t know if it was just tiredness, or that the ending of the movie – The Flight – was that dramatic, but a girl behind me just started crying out of nowhere. Hope she’s ok by now…See you tonight sweetheart!

By Rients Verschoor