German techno in the North of Holland

gepubliceerd : 19 February 2013

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Groningen is situated in the most northern part of the Netherlands. It is no metropolis and it never had a wall that divided the city in two. And still, Groningen seems to have a lot in common with Berlin. At least, that’s what the Dutch newspaper nrc next writes. Every month there seem to be more parties where the lovers of a thick bass can rejoice all night long. More and more people appreciate the music called techno. In the nightlife of Groningen this specific style of electronic music is common ground and that’s why will provide you with a short introduction to techno! 

Throughout the week techno-temples Pand48, Subsonic and Pulse open their doors from Wednesday to Saturday. All three have so called resident-DJs:, regulars who perform more often in one club. In Groningen the rising stars and residents of the aforementioned clubs are, among others: Jorn! Harde Baas and Ulst . On regular nights it can be either very quiet or quite busy. However, don’t bother to be the first to enter the dance floor, someone has to be first, and more people will follow when the night takes its course. A great thing is that all the clubs have a raw and authentic look, just like a lot of ventures in Berlin. Every single one of them focuses on a different sub-genre within techno and rising stars often get a chance to prove themselves among international stars like Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin or Max Cooper. 

If you’re looking for a party with a special feel, you should visit the parties organized by KopjeK. This association of creatives provides pretty special events which often have a rare twist to them. There always are a limited amount of tickets and the parties are therefore nice and cozy. They always take place on a special and secret location somewhere in or around the city of Groningen. Mix these things with a lot of great music and you get the perfect recipe for a great party. The KopjeK-events have a special place in the hearts of students and hipsters . 

Next to that, the organization of Boel op Stelten always succeeds in throwing bashing parties. The location may be a little less special, discotheque Huize Maas, but that doesn’t stop Boel op Stelten from partying like animals. Almost every month they throw a party always with talented DJ-s from Groningen and Amsterdam behind the decks. The music is a little less dark en raw compared to for example Subsonic, which makes the parties a little more approachable. Once in a while they invite a big name from abroad to show its trick to the Groningen public. 

Tech-heads do not lack a thing in Groningen and there are enough opportunities for an introduction in the techno-scene. The people in Groningen do know how to party. The flourishing techno-scene of Groningen takes the nightlife to a whole other level. The north is a big player in the realm of electronic music. So does Groningen truly have a lot in common with Berlin? Come check it out yourself!

By Tomas Riemens