Getting a job in Groningen

Getting a job in Groningen

gepubliceerd : 11 January 2013

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It’s not easy to survive during a semester or year abroad without having saved lots of money. After all, the Netherlands are quite expensive. But what do you do when you need money? Exactly, you get a job!

Speaking a foreign language can bring difficulties in finding that great student job. You have to be really motivated, and trust us, it won’t be easy! Any student employment agency would tell you to learn Dutch. Of course you can learn a little Dutch. After all, you are living in the Netherlands. But if you are the worst linguist, you can always opt for those jobs that don’t require speaking at all. What about doing dishes or working in a bar? The words ‘bier’ and ‘wijn’ are quickly learned! Just walk into the Poelestraat, or try Pacific  or Kasteel, and ask if they need any help.

What about the jobs that actually require speaking English? Consider being a tour guide for example. Groningen has a lot of culture, like the Groninger Museum, festivals, tourist vessels, and of course city tours . Make use of your linguistic knowledge and ask if you could guide people through those beautiful places. It is a perfect way to get to know Groningen yourself!

You can also try to get a job at your university. Maybe you can find a job at one of the welcoming ceremonies or view days. You can also try to see if they need students to help with doing research, like doing data entries. You could be very useful at the medicine faculty and faculty for behavioral and social sciences.

Work permit
If you have managed to find a job, keep in mind that you might need a work permit. Only EU and EFTA nationals can work without a permit. Your employer can arrange that for you. It is also important that you get a basic health insurance, which is different from a student health insurance. You can find all information about working in the Netherlands on the website of the RUG .

It is highly recommended to learn at least a little Dutch. The RUG offers several types of Dutch courses, depending on your needs and where you're from.

By Yoni Pasman