Happy Halloween!

gepubliceerd : 30 October 2014

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Internationalisation brought a new, eerie phenomenon to Groningen. On the 31st of October, Halloween takes over and a dark, terrifying spirit wanders the street. Ok, we’re just kidding. Don’t be scared to go down the streets on Halloween’s eve, the streets are still free to roam. However, with so many internationals in Groningen currently, Halloween is getting bigger and bigger. 

Let’s be honest: it’s another perfect opportunity to go out and throw a party. This time however, feel free to put on your best Halloween costume and hit the clubs. For those of you who enjoy dressing up and spooking around while relishing some nice drinks, good music and themed activities: this could just be your night of the year! So in case you’re still wondering where to go or if you would like to get an impression of this holiday as you’re considering coming over next year, we have some nice parties lined up for you!

Club Kokomo is getting ready to offer you a great night on Halloween! The theme of the night is ‘Caribbean sexy Halloween’. So in case you’ve always wanted to dress up as a tropical vampire, this is the place to go! They’ve invited the Latin band Cache Royale to get this party started. Later on that night, upcoming star Ir Sais, bubbling legend DJ Moortje, and DJ El Navato will guarantee you a finishing touch to make this an unforgettable, tropical Halloween! Make sure to buy your tickets in advance and you’ll be one happy werewolf on the beach!

Also Urban Elite is taking it up a notch this year. On the 31st of October they organise a Halloween themed night at Club &Zo, where you can enjoy some mellow Hip-hop and R&B while rocking your Baby Chucky costume. DJ Flava is there to make sure you’ll have a ‘hell’ of a time. Succes guaranteed!

If dancing is just not your cup of tea, don’t be afraid! Groningen has more to offer you on this spooky night: Target Lasergame is organising a Halloween themed laserparty! For the occasion, the complete lasergame hall will be transformed into a haunted house. Be prepared for a terrifying stage setting! And we heard rumours about ‘actual ghosts’ haunting the place... You’re only allowed to enter if you keep to the ‘horror’ dress code. Let us give you this one advice: running around and shooting your friends is not very easy when dressed up like this… Make sure to buy your tickets in advance and take a look on the website!

For those of you who are more into the traditional kind of Halloween: feel free to put on your most shocking, gruesome costumes and roam the streets scaring Groningers! Trick or treat!

By Anouk Theunissen