ESN Introduction: Hell Yeah, what a week!

gepubliceerd : 06 September 2013

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What a week! And since it’s Thursday, the ESN Introduction Week has come to an end. For GroningenLife! a nice point to look back and discuss what’s happened the last five days. Rients Verschoor and Benjamin de Bruijn did some investigation in what the Introduction Week contains and what it’s like to be an international student in the students capital of the Netherlands: Groningen.

On Friday everything was a little bit exciting for all the international students who came to Groningen and participated in the ESN Introduction Week. Luckily the night brought some relief after a full day of maybe being somewhat tensed. With a few drinks, a lot of talks and of course some games, everyone started to get the feeling that it actually might be fantastic in our beautiful city. On Saturday and Sunday there was a sports day and dinner at the ACLO, the sports association in Groningen for students. A nice change, not only for the die-hard athletes, but also for those people who were looking for sociability in combination with sports. They could find what they were looking for in an association like students football club The Knickerbockers or students volleyball club Donitas. But wait, sports on Saturday ánd Sunday? No. Because the ESN Introweek is that popular in September, the entire group is split into two groups. Thus, one of the groups went to the ACLO on Saturday and had the chance to do some culture-tasting on Sunday. And that was the other part of the program: a fully fixed day of doing culture, ranging from musical undertakings to maybe setting your very first steps in creating your own (hopefully) fantastic masterpiece.

Monday was the day of integration in Dutch life. After this day you should be able to speak a little bit of Dutch, we hope you’ll know how to act in the Groningen traffic (see Come on, get a Bike article), and last but not least you would be able to know exactly how to dress on the first Dutch Kingsday (see The last Queensday article) by going to the Dutch Party in De Drie Gezusters – which was massive by the way. We’ve baptized Tuesday ‘lazy Tuesday’, because of the only activity on this hangover-day: the movie The Millers in Pathé Cinema, during which people probably fell asleep – which had, we can swear to you all, nóthing to do with the movie… And here we are on the last day of the ESN Introduction Week. An ending party that would be held in style: in Kokomo Beach Club. Like every year, it’s hard to describe a party in which everybody’s decided to go all in. Because hell yeah, you all did. We as well, by the way. Ouch… Yet of course you will get plenty of chances to party in the upcoming months in Groningen, but as of today you should focus on your studies.

What remains of the ESN Introduction Week when looking back, is the image of a very open minded and social setting where international students are very willing to connect with their fellow students. Maybe it is the necessity to meet new people, but it is absolutely sure that it brings you a very tolerant atmosphere in which people can be who they are. If you still doubt what city to go to, you can check out how the atmosphere during the ESN Introduction Week in February was, by going to our archives and read all about it – it’s worth it! Because, indeed, in February you can also participate in ESN’s amazing Introweek and set your first steps in our city. Enjoy your time in Groningen, enjoy your study and keep checking out GroningenLife!.

By Benjamin de Bruijn & Rients Verschoor