The Groninger Burgundian life

gepubliceerd : 22 October 2014

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Groningen has a very distinct culture: the literary ‘jaaaa’ (translated: yessss) behind every sentence and ‘mooooooi’ as a salute, an earth quake from time to time and the greatest food in Holland! Did you know that the province of Groningen produces for example wine, champagne and several sweets about the city of Groningen? In case you want to try out a Vismarkt fish made out of drop, visit the Bourgondiër at Folkingestraat 57. They sell every local product from the north; Groninger strong drink, Groninger crackers, Groninger penetrating oil and even the ‘Grunniger klokje’. 

It could be possible that you have no idea where to start, which is why we’ve made you a top 5 of the best Groninger delicacies.

1. Groninger Cake

This simply the best cake in the world. It’s a bit like the Dutch ‘ontbijtkoek’ (translated: breakfastcake), but stuffed with candied peel. Take one slice and you will continue the day bouncing. Great food for studying!

2. Groninger Mustard 

This mustard is made in a real mustard mill (We have no idea why this has to be done in a mill, however it sounds very exclusive). What makes this mustard typical for Groningen? The answer is that an ingredient from the north is added: peppers. It takes some fire to resist the earthquakes or to perform three flight elements in a row on the horizontal bar! Mustard is great in combination with the Dutch ‘kroket’. In case there aren’t any kroketten available for you, go for the mustard soup! Just heat it, take a ‘soepstengel’ and bon appetite!

3. Pofferd

It is a miracle that this delicacy has been completely neglected in the Dutch version of the Great British Bake-off. The Groninger Pofferd is a mix between a cake and a currant loaf. So if your parents are visiting and you want to surprise them, try making this delicacy! You can make it the traditional way with pofferd mix baked in a pofferd tin, but at the Bourgondiër you can also buy a ready made version. Just put it in the micro wave and your parents won’t know the difference.

4. Golden Raand Triple

In the province, there are several beer breweries. They make the best beers in Holland, with the Golden Raand Triple as the ultimate favourite. Golden Raand (translated: golden edge) is a metaphor for the Groninger country side and it is part of the beautiful Grunnens Laid. A big advantage to these beers is the fact that they contain a higher alcohol percentage, so you won’t need to buy as many of them. Eventually you will have better beer for the same amount of money!

5. Groninger Sausage

The great thing about dried sausage is that you can preserve it for a long long time (it will never dry out) and you only need a small piece of it to experience a taste explosian. Another low-budget delicacy! The Groninger Sausage is known for the added clove. Sounds good right!

So picture yourself after a long day of studying, sitting in a student house with your roommates with a Golden Raand Triple in your left hand and in your right hand a piece of dried sausage, which you dip in the mustard. The Burgundian life in Groningen. Iet smoaklik!

By Lucia Grijpink
Photo by Baudewijn Neumann