High Voltage; a twelve day event

gepubliceerd : 07 August 2012

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High Voltage; a twelve day event

This year, the student association Albertus Magnus celebrates its 115th anniversary. Students call it the 23th lustrum, since a lustrum means a 5 year anniversary. Once every 5 years celebrations are held on a grand scale. In the case of Albertus Magnus; they organize all types of activities spread out over 12 days in July and more events throughout the entire year!

Like every lustrum celebration the event is planned by a board, dedicated to this responsibility for over a year. They put a lot of effort in organizing an unforgettable week. So far so good, because they’ve done a great job in getting people excited. The announcement party on 13 December 2011, where the theme was revealed, was already a great success and since then there’s been another party and even a lustrum-musical. The theme of the event, translated of course, is High Voltage, with the suitable slogan ‘the ultimate discharge’. All events are related to this theme and the lustrum colours, red and silver, are visible on all locations.

The association started out as a small catholic debating club in 1896 and was on the brink of abolishment a few times. Who would’ve known then that they’d one day reach the current amount of 2000 members. A large area just outside the city has been prepared to accommodate this massive crowd during the festivities. The kick-off is on 11 July, so the workers are still getting everything ready there as we speak. During the twelve days that follow there will be plenty of time to party, since there will be a small festival, a full dress party, a Neonsplash-party and more. Other days are filled with various events, like some intellectual and sports activities, dinners and a lot of music. Some activities are open for friends of members and on 12 July there’s a party open for everyone.

If you’re already in town you should come along and if you’re interested in becoming a member of Albertus Magnus in the future, you can visit them during the KEI-week in August. This is an introduction week for new students in the city of Groningen, which is also full of events and something you don’t want to miss!

By: Ido Venhuizen