Hop on board!

gepubliceerd : 09 April 2015

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If you are studying in Groningen, it is inevitable that you will get in touch with one of the many associations the wide world of student life has to offer. There are study associations, student associations (fraternities), debate clubs or literature societies, and they give student life its radiance. All associations can only exist because of the student boards who run them. But, how do you get in a student board? You can do it via the ‘royal route’, but there are plenty of other ways that lead to student rulership!

The royal route

Most boards in Groningen are connected to study associations. There are tons of them! A study association is mostly run by a couple of student committees. The active students who hold a seat in the committees, are the ones who get into the board eventually. Same goes for student associations. Thus, if you would like to run a study or student association, you will have to work it!

The political route

Are you interested in politics and education, then you might think about applying at one of the student councils, at for example Lijst Calimero or HSV. You can also become a member of a political youth party and debate yourself towards the party board. Student en Stad, the student party in the city council, has a board as well.  

The organizational route

There are many organizations in Groningen which organize an event (or more). The most famous is the introduction week: the KEI-week. This event is also organized by a student board. Or if you want to develop your organizational skills by organizing a student conference in The Hague, you should definitely apply for TEIMUN, i.e. The European International Model United Nations.

The sports route

Just name a sport and there is a student board running it. Don’t underestimate the sports associations as some of them have got 500+ members. Just like students associations, you have to be an active member to get to the top. Sportive accomplishments will help as well. Many sports associations have got their own building (or shed, barn etc.). Do you want to represent all the sporting students and manage the gigantic student sports complex at Zernike, apply for the ACLO board!

The cultural route

Do you want to lead the way for the creative minds? Well, then Groningen has plenty of cultural organizations and associations, which are all run by student boards. Take for example the music assocations Bragi and Mira, or the Groningen Student Theatre and court dance association Plaisir Courtois. Do you want to organize cultural acitvities in a beautiful monumental building at the Munnekeholm, then apply for Cultural Student Centre Usva!

The other route

Besides all associations, political parties, cultural- and sports associations and event boards, there are many other organizations who need a board every year: debate club Kalliope, international organizations ESN, AIESEC and AEGEE, or the umbrella organization for all study associations FVOG, or for the various student organizations the Contractus. You might even consider to join the internship helper Integrand or CUOS (too difficult to explain, look it up!).

As you see, there are plenty of options for you to pimp your CV, get board experience, to get to know a lot of people and feel like a king (or queen) a year. And the best part is: if you have done a ‘board year’, it is easy to continue your boarding carreer in a board of directors or supervisory board!

So, hop on board and divide and rule!

By Koos Tervooren