How do I survive... a gala?

gepubliceerd : 13 May 2014

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On the 15th of May the gala of all galas, the RUG lustrum gala, will take place. This gala will be  held to honor the 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen. It is bound to be the biggest student gala ever. Sounds great, but the period before the gala can be very stressfull. Questions are about how to behave, whether to bring a date along or not, and last but not least; what to wear?  GroningenLife! wouldn’t be GroningenLife! if they weren’t here to help you: 


1. Dress to impress
First of all you should give your outfit some attention. Clothes make the man, they say. Or woman. The theme of the gala is ‘Mysteria’, which means something like ‘mysterious’ or ‘inexplicable’. This doesn’t mean you have to dress up like a witch and attend the gala on your broom, or make rabbits appear out of a hat. Which actually could be fun. The dresscode is just gala. For example you could go for a white tie, black tie, or cocktail look. Everything in gala style is allowed; long and short squirts, tuxedos and dress suits.  Dress to impress is the motto.

2. Date?  
Back in the days a man used to write a woman with a silver pen on blue paper asking her if she would want to be his date. The woman answered with a golden pen on pink paper to invite the man for a cup of tea, after which she would decide to say yes or no. Very romantic, but extremely time consuming. So just confront your date  face-to-face and ask him or her to be your date. Did he or she said yes? Great! Did he or she said no? No problem, there is plenty of other fish in the sea.

And gents, don’t blame your date if she’s not ready when you’re at the door. She wants to look pretty, for you (or for somebody else). Wait in the hallway until she’s ready. When it takes over half an hour, walk to the fridge and serve yourself some beer. If it takes longer than an hour, go for something stronger to stay sharp.

3. Location
Without a location there will be no gala. The location of this amazing gala is Martiniplaza. The question is how to prepare for this location. There will be over ten thousand people in the same room, so it’s easy to lose your date and or friend you have with you. Make sure you have something that catches the eye. Give your date a balloon of his or her favorite animal. You’ll score points and you will never lose your date. But be subtile. For example, don’t give her an elephant balloon. It is also possible to give yourself a prominent feature. You could go for a cool hat or something like that. If these options are not really your thing, than it is also an idea to perform your best dance moves and maybe take of your pants. A circle of people will gather around you, and the people you lost will know where you are.

4. Expect the unexpected
This is the slogan of the gala. You can expect everything during this mysterious evening. You want to be prepared for the unknowing, so you take the following in mind:

  • After visiting the toilet, your dress should go over the pantyhoses, not in them.
  • For the many among us who do not live in southern Groningen, Martiniplaza is very far. Keep that in mind, concerning your hairdo, transpiration and flat tires. Maybe hiring a limo is the best solution.
  • The famous gala picture moment. There is a professional photographer in the house to shoot some beautiful gala pictures. This is usually a very awkward moment. So take some drinks first and you will see great results.
  • Beware of pumpkins changing in carriages, and don’t lose any shoes. If you do lose shoe, lose the other aswell, nobody walks on one shoe.
  • One beer is zero beer. Always order two drinks.

We hope that we informed you well and have fun at the gala!

You still don’t have a ticket? Click here!