I want to ride my bicycle!

gepubliceerd : 15 January 2012

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I want to ride my bicycle!

I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like!

Queen’s front man Freddie Mercury would have loved living in Groningen. There are bicycles everywhere here. No wonder, since it’s our main way of getting around. While cycling in other countries might be hazardous, the Dutch infrastructure is made for it. Everywhere you will find bicycle lanes next to the road and cyclists even have their own traffic lights! This visitor was in shock and awe when he first saw it. The video showing his amazement quickly became a must-see in Groningen.

Riding the bike quickly becomes second nature to students settling here. Whether you’re from Russia, Ghana or China; one of the first things to take care of after your arrival is buying a bicycle. While the public transport of Groningen is excellent, making it in time to your 9:00 class after waking up at 8.15 can only be achieved with a trusty bike. Then there’s the additional bonus that they ride without gas, making them a lot cheaper than a car. On top of that, they’ll make you blend in with the rest of the (cycling) traffic.

Rather buy an expensive lock than an expensive bike. For personal use an old and rusty bike which still works is as good as any, but if it’s not properly locked others might assume it’s theirs. A decent chain lock is well worth the investment since it will save you from having to buy a new bike! Try to put it through the frame and if possible around a sturdy object. Remembering where you parked your bike is sometimes difficult, especially between 4500 others at the station. Some student associations have therefore developed the smart habit of spray painting their bikes in all sorts of colours. It even looks prettier too!

Keep this in mind and you’ll be certain to enjoy riding the bike in Groningen.

On your marks get set go
Bicycle race!

By: Ido Venhuizen