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gepubliceerd : 28 January 2015

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On January 22nd dozens of film freaks were waiting in line in front of the Groninger Cinema ‘Forum Images’. Many of them had been waiting for several hours in the cold. Why? Because of the start of the pre-sale for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. But isn’t that in Rotterdam? Yes, but it’s also in Groningen!

Since 1972 the annual International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is organised in Rotterdam. Last year, 300.000 visitors came, which enables this festival to compete with the famous ones in Cannes and Venice! There’s something for everyone here, such as films of famous and starting directors from all over the world, short films and films on current hot topics. This event lasts twelve days and the films will be shown on different locations throughout Rotterdam. One problem though, you have to go to Rotterdam…

Luckily, Forum Images has come up with the perfect solution: a selection of the Rotterdam festival will be shown on the International Film Festival Rotterdam in Groningen (IFFRiG). So you can skip that three-hour train ride! From January 28th until February 1st, 40 films will be shown on four different locations in Groningen. Here you can see all the highlights of the IFFR with some ‘Groninger’ extras.

On Thursday you can go to ‘Cinesnacks with Simons’. Ronald Simons, a film journalist and film programmer at EYE Amsterdam, usually tours around the country with his popular show called ‘Cinema Curiosio’. For the IFFRiG he has composed a compilation program based on the theme ‘food’. Some ladies will prepare Dutch kroketten for the audience and Ronald will show you atmospheric film fragments such as Charlie Chaplin building a food machineAnother option is to visit the award show for the ‘Groninger Film 2014’. Several great films have been produced in Groningen the past year, so the choice won’t be easy. You can watch the winning films on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday evening you can watch the Phantom of the Opera in the Aa-church with live music! This probably makes the best-known horror movie of all time even more impressive. End the day with a film quiz, so you can show off with your acquired film knowledge.

In case you’re completely lost in the options, you can go for the ‘Relaxed Route’, which the Forum Images has set out for you. No worries about films that overlap each other or racing between the locations. If you’re just too lazy to go through those 40 trailers, try the ‘surprise film’.

So if you’re a film freak, but you’re not going to study in Rotterdam, know that you’ll be perfectly fine in Groningen!

By Lucia Grijpink