Jonge Harten Theatre Festival

gepubliceerd : 19 November 2014

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From November 21st untill the 29th it is that time of the year: the Jonge Harten Theatre Festival (translated: Young Hearts). In case you feel like you haven’t seen enough culture this year, this is your chance to make up for it. The Jonge Harten Festival is an annual event with over 25 different plays, made by young theatre companies. Every year around 10.000 people visit this event, consisting of mainly young people a.k.a. students.

The plays will be set in different theatres in Groningen, such as the Stadsschouwburg, the Grand Theatre and different pop-up locations. There’s a big versatility between the performances; there’s not only dance and music, but also drama and theatre thrillers. After every performance you can have a drink in the Jonge Harten 2D Café to chat with the other visitors and the actors themselves.

For the international visitors, there are many English-spoken plays. ‘RO-BOT’ is for example a new show by Firma Draak, which premieres at Jonge Harten. ‘RO-BOT’ is situated in a future world where drones and other machines are in charge of life. This makes everything easy and comfortable, but what is the sacrifice for embracing this machine-world? Another premier is ‘The great downhill journey of little Tommy’. This is a performance with the energy of a rock ‘n roll concert. We see and hear the story of Tommy, who one day decides he wants to look upon the sea. He says goodbye to his mother and leaves the mountaintop of his youth for an adventurous bike ride downhill.

But it doesn’t stop there. Academy of Arts, Minerva, has made several installations for the festival with the theme #nofilter. This gallery opens every day at 20.30 at the Jonge Harten 2D Cafe. Also, there are arrangements for international visitors. If you’re feeling a bit hungover after the first Jonge Harten night, you can treat yourself on a brunch and a performance of the one and only Bobby Baxter, followed by a meet and great with him over drinks at the Jonge Harten 2D Café and a visit to the #nofilter installations. This is called the Brakke Brunch (Translated: Hangover Brunch). There’s even a Jonge Harten international tour. This includes meeting the director of Jonge Harten, a backstage tour and to complete the experience, there will be dinner with the crew, a show and - hurray! - drinks included! And a goodie bag!!

Still not convinced? Then take a look at last year’s awesome trailer!

You can buy your tickets on the website and during the evening itself. This year, you can also go for the student deal! You can go with your friends to one of the selected performances, have dinner at the Pakhuis or a drink at the Jonge Harten 2D Cafe, enjoy a live music performance and receive another goodie bag for a great price. Take a look at the website for the details.

So if you’re interested in the cultural side of the student life in Groningen, it’s definitely worth it to visit the Jonge Harten Festival!

By Lucia Grijpink