Let the summer begin!

gepubliceerd : 19 June 2012

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Let the summer begin!

As the University Library is currently filled with students studying for their final exams, the city is also encountering a bunch of fresh new students.

Are you excited to begin a new adventure in Groningen and have a whole summer to explore the city’s ins and outs? Then you certainly don’t want to miss out on the best spots to spend the summer in (and out) Groningen!

On walking distance from the city centre, you will find the Noorderplantsoen. The Noorderplantsoen is a favourite hangout during summer for every citizen, young and old, in Groningen. Hold a picnic with lots of good food, bring a football and you will make friends in no time. And, if you’re around Groningen in the summer anyways, you can also take a visit at the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival that will be held from Thursday 16 till Sunday 26 August 2012. During the festival you can visit a variety of performances from young theatre makers and musicians from all over Europe.

When you’re up for a swim, visit the Papiermolen, a large open air swimming pool, located in Helpman, where you can easily spend the whole day swimming and working on your tan.

A little outside the city centre, but easily accessible by bike or public transport, is the Hoornse Plas. The Hoornse Plas is a large lake surrounded by a beach and lawns, which is a nice spot to visit when temperatures are rising. It can be busy during summer as holidays begin, but since the area is quite large you will always find a nice spot to have a bit of that holiday feeling!

And, if you’re already in the area, situated at the Hoornse Meer is Kaap Hoorn Pavilion. The pavilion has a large water outdoor café and a very popular beach bar. Keep an eye on their agenda, because they frequently organise beach parties in the summer!


Door: Petra Vledder