Living the campus life

gepubliceerd : 13 November 2012

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Living the campus life

Making friends in Groningen can be very easy. Just find a room in one of the campuses Groningen has to offer! You will be living together with foreign students all over the world, so you’ll get to know loads of other cultures besides the Dutch.

Even Dutch students are finding it hard to get a place to stay. For foreign students it could even be harder. Therefore, Groningen built campuses specifically for internationals, that carry low rent and lots of fun and socializing. Two of the biggest campuses are the Van Houtenlaan and Winschoterdiep.

The advantages of living on a campus are quite simple. You have everything you need, like a bed, closet, desk and a sink, so you can move in right away. You don’t have to worry about getting toilet paper, detergents or going to the laundry. Everything is provided. You have to share the toilet and showers: a good opportunity to let everyone know how good your singing voice is!

Van Houtenlaan
This campus lies directly in the neighbourhood Helpman. It is close to a shopping centre and a fifteen minute bike trip away from the city centre. There are over 150 rooms throughout the seven floors of the building. The rooms are simple and small, but fairly cheap.

On the first floor there is a large common room, where you can always find someone to talk to (about weird Dutch habits for instance). Parties are held in the common room as well. And lots of them! Whether you are staying a month or a year, you will always have a good time.
Getting excited? Here is a video what shows what the Van Houtenlaan campus has to offer.

The largest campus is placed just outside the city centre. It is only a ten minutes bike ride away from the Grote Markt. Winschoterdiep has larger rooms than the Van Houtenlaan, but is also a little bit more expensive. It has room for 338 students, so you will always find someone you like.

The campus has several common areas, which are quite loungy, with sofas and TV’s. Great places to have dinner with other students near your room. And, most importantly, Winschoterdiep is famous for its frequent parties throughout the year.
Curious? Watch this video to help you choose.

How to get a room on campus
When you are planning your trip to Groningen, you will be asked if you want to live on campus. Sometimes you get to choose your campus, but if you don’t, don’t worry. You can always switch during your stay here.

The great thing about a campus is that you don’t need to think about finding a room, getting furniture and household goods. The only thing you need to worry about is studying and having a great time in the Netherlands! So actually, there’s nothing to worry at all!

By: Yoni Pasman