Living the Groningen student life

gepubliceerd : 04 July 2012

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Living the Groningen student life

When you find yourself embracing student life in Groningen, you might feel overwhelmed by all the activities you could choose from. You certainly won’t have to worry about ever getting bored; because a student never feels bored in Groningen! 

Wondering what it feels like to be student for a day? GroningenLife! provides you a brief introduction to student life in Groningen..

To start with, you could sign up for a tag-along day, where you will be paired with a student to get a feeling on how students usually spend their day at the Hanze University or University of Groningen and what the classes and teachers are like.

Once you’ve seen the actual classes at the university of your choice, you might be up for some sports at the ACLO. Do some fitness, throw a ball during one of the basketball classes or climb a wall. Being freshly recovered from the exhausting teachers you’ve been listening to all day, and the tiring sports exercise you’ve just put yourself through, it’s time to get some refreshments in the city centre!

Low or high budget, there’s enough choice to have a nice meal and a few drinks. When you’re going on a Thursday afternoon, and still have some energy left, the shops in the city centre are open till 9.00 PM. After that, you can have a meal in the Poelestraat, or you can choose from the list of restaurants we’ve picked out for you before. Next? Time for drinks! Have a cocktail at Tango (happy hour almost every day), watch people on the terrace of the News Cafe, listen to jazz at Jazzcafe de Spieghel or go for life music at Simplon. Once you’ve had your midnight snack, it’s time to grab your bike and repeat it all over again the next day.

By: Petra Vledder