Looking Back on the ESN Introduction Week

gepubliceerd : 08 February 2013

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Indeed, it sounds a bit like an end. But for all the internationals that partied their ass off during the introweek, life in Groningen is just beginning. They’ve met new people, seen all kinds of places, learned a little bit of Dutch and maybe feel like Groningen is a new home already. Although I think most people will only realize this when their massive hangover is finally done. I for one have lost half of my brain cells and my self-respect somewhere in a corner of the Kokomo, where the final party was. Two days later, still got a headache. ESN Introduction week. Day 6. Group 27.


The final party was at one of the biggest clubs in Groningen, at Kokomo Beach. Theme: I’m on a boat! Thus again I went as a penguin. Best thing you can do when there’s a theme. Don’t go in theme. Anyway, it was immensely crowded and if people weren’t dancing, they were very discretely touching each other. Mostly on the lips. Sounds like an awesome party if you ask me.

Now, I interviewed some people later on in the night and not only learned that Australians are very difficult to understand, but also that a lot of people can’t take you seriously when you ask them questions dressed up as an Antarctic bird. Furthermore, I learned that a French dude was, in his own words, ‘hmmm… druuuuunk’, Spanish people actually always want to dance – swing their arms and legs, or whatever it is they’re doing - and a lot of internationals don’t understand why we grab food out of the wall. The idea to interview drunk people actually came up when one of my group members, Tünde, told me that she always wants to learn something when she’s out in town. So I thought, what the hell, I’ll just give it a shot. And now, after all my acquired alcoholic wisdom, I finally understand why she is that wise. 

But enough about the party. It maybe all sounded like a joke, yet I did learn a lot. Just like you people from all over the world come to Groningen and learn about us, I also learned about you. And I’m happy about that, because I know that I’ll see my friends from group 27 at least for 5 months in the future. That’s not a long time, but it’s going to be a good time.