gepubliceerd : 22 August 2013

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Are you still recovering from the amazing KEI-week? Or perhaps preparing for the ESN Introduction Week? No worries, this week is Noorderzon there for you to relax. Noorderzon? Yes, the performing arts festival in Groningen. The 23rd edition will take place from August 15 till August 25 in the Noorderplantsoen and on several other locations down town).

Noorderzon has a lot to offer you. Everything ranging from theater, dancing, movies, science to music, can be found on several locations. You can create your own program over here. Do you suffer from a personal financial crisis? No problem, Noorderzon isn’t expensive at all. There will be a free show every evening at 10:30 in the Jupiler Dok. Even though it’s for free, the artists performing are definitely worth seeing. Last Sunday, the British band ‘Noisettes were heading to the roof with their popular song ‘Don’t upset the rhythm’. Tonight, you should absolutely visit the Australian band ‘Deep Sea Arcade’, who were performing last Friday at the popular Dutch Lowlands festival. Below you can find their awesome single ‘Girls’. 

Of course you can bring your own refreshments. But.. Noorderzon has many stalls with great food and drinks. You can get a Belgian waffle, a cotton candy or a biological hamburger. Or maybe you’re more interested in fish & chips, sushi or perhaps a Thai curry. Feeling more like barbecuing or a chocolate fondue? Everything is possible! The variety of drinks is limitless as well, with a wine bar, a tea garden and an Italian coffee bar.

Noorderzon will continue to August 25, everyday from around 1PM onwards. The eating and drinking stalls open around 4PM. Check up to date opening hours here. See you there!