NYE 2012!

gepubliceerd : 28 December 2011

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NYE 2012!

Sydney, New York, Amsterdam...All well and good, but Groningen should also be on everyone’s list for a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Even if it was just for the lack of closing hours, this way everyone can have a proper New Year’s celebration. GroningenLife! asked several student’s about their plans. Here’s three popular ways to spend New Year’s Eve in and outside Groningen.

1. In the city centre
Almost every bar is hosting a new year’s eve party, so a lot of students go to their favourite hangout with a group of friends to open up a bottle of champagne at midnight. Consider this one: Café de Toeter offers an evening programme filled with entertainment, including a pub quiz! Good stuff, but for a lot of students New Year ’s Eve is best spend dancing the night away on sweet music, in Pand48 for example. It’s best to buy tickets in advance, because a lot of events will be sold out early. Richard, a Business student at the University of Groningen celebrates NYE at his student association, which he calls ‘the bar’.”First I’ll have a full course dinner with my friends. We’ll most certainly open a few bottles of champagne at midnight. Then we’ll go to the Simplon where there a party with good danceable music till the early morning. It’s going to be awesome!

2. In a student house
Emily, a law student at the university of Groningen, also celebrates NYE in the city, together with her six housemates. “We organise a house-evening every Tuesday and it’s always so much fun that we decided to spend NYE together. First we’ll cook a meal with five-courses, so everyone will have to contribute. The youngest of the house will take care of oliebollen and champagne for the moment suprême. After that we’ll go to a party in another student house.” The students living there joined hands in organising a party and it’s going to be huge. All rooms will be open to the partying guests and there’ll be friends from all housemates mingling with each other. They got some food and drinks but most guests will take some with them so there will be plenty for all. A DJ will spin some records in the hallway to get the party started. A perfect party to attend with all your friends!

3. Hometown
Home sweet home, as they say. Nothing beats staying with your parents once in a while, many international students take the opportunity to visit their hometown during Christmas. Besides, after the Christmas toast of your study association, the one with your colleagues and drinks with the committee you’re in, it’s time to meet some old friends. Lukas, first year Communication student at the Hanze UAS is going to spend NYE in his hometown Berlin. “This way I can see my high school friends again. It’s been a while since I’ve been back there and I’ve barely seen them last year!” Besides, many New Years toasts will be organised in Groningen in the beginning of January, so there’s always an opportunity to wish everyone here a happy new year.

Us here at GroningenLife! love these NYE afterparties, because a new year can’t be celebrated enough!

By: Ido Venhuizen