Special party locations in Groningen

gepubliceerd : 04 December 2014

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Happy hour in the ‘Negende Cirkel’, go alternative in the ‘Warhol’ and going all out in the ‘Drie Gezusters’. For most students a regular Thursday night. But next to the Poelestraat and Peperstraat there are a lot of other places to have a great party. The following special locations are also worth your while...

The Der Aa-kerk

Churches are here for our rest, for serenity and for maybe a little sip of wine during the miss. It’s about time to change this perspective. Nowadays amazing parties are organized in the Der Aa-kerk in the city center of Groningen. Partys that will bring you into higher spheres.
Where you should go: Akerkhof 2. The tower of the Der Aa-kerk is visible high above the fish market, you can't miss it.
A little piece of history doesn't hurt anyone: After all, as students we are eager to learn. The church wasn't always a church, around the year 800 it was a wooden chapel for skippers. When time went by, the church had many different functions. From a place for religious worship to a military depository and a horse stable during the French revolution. In the years after WWII the church was even used for parking bikes (sounds like a good solution for the bike parking problem at the central station).
Now what? Nowadays you can't stable your horse, you have to find another place to do that. But you can go there for partys! An example is the recurring party 'Hed Kandi',  a theme party which is organized multiple times a year in the church. Last summer you could have enjoyed 'sunset sessions', a once a year recurring friday after noon drink luxury style. 
Price ticket: If you want to celebrate your birthday in this beautiful church, you probably have to put on some deer eyes to the DUO to make it happen. If you want to rent the entire church it will cost you a little 770 euros per hour. But hey, you got the entire church, including 400 chairs and 500 coat racks. I´m just saying. 

The upper room of Groningen

No, we are not talking about that beautiful brain of yours, but we are talking about the former water tower of Groningen. Instead of a million gallon of water, it now contains beer. Surrounded by a lounge, an auditorium and an exhibition space with a bar.
Where you should go: Noorderbinnensingel 14. Next to the Noorderplantsoen.
A little history and some fun facts: The water tower was built in 1908 and is designed by Carl Francke. Thanks for that. The building has a height of 45,3 meters and used to be the water provider of the Academic Hospital. After that the building was empty for quite a while and therefore it has been squatted in 2008. In 2013 the restoration began, which brings us to the water tower it is now. 
Now what? Nowadays the tower is used for exhibitions, readings and the most important part: parties. No big parties, but more private parties. Intimate.
Price ticket: You don't have to be Scrooge McDuck to host a party in this monument. It will cost you 350 euros to celebrate your birthday or graduation. Don't invite everyone, the building is suitable for 120 people. You don't have to be afraid of water, so you can leave your bathing suit at home. 

Former Suikerunie grounds

From a distance the grounds look like a movie set of a thriller, but when you imagine dancing people it all of a sudden looks a lot more festive. The location of the former Suikerunie is upcoming, so it's time to learn more about it.
Where you should be: van Heemskerckstraat 60 and here you can find the exact location.
A little history facts sounds like fun: The name 'former Suikerunie grounds' tells it already, the factory of the Suikerunie was once located here. That's kind of special, because there were only three sugar factories in the Netherlands. Groningen used to be the biggest 'sugar city' in Europa and fulfilled an important role in the Dutch sugar industry. This role started to become less important, so the city of Groningen became owner of the grounds in 2011. For a period of ten to fifteen years they search for a new purpose for the grounds. After that they are going to build new appartments.
Now what? A new purpose sounds like a space for parties! There have been a few cool activities so far. An example is UniFest. UniFest is a free festival with two stages and some other relaxing activities. There was a UniTech stage and a 'Like the 90's' stage. Nobody knows what's going to happen in the near future, but it's 100% certain that something is going to happen.
Price ticket: There will be a new owner soon, so the prices remain uncertain. But it will definitely cost you some sugar beet.  

By Beppie van der Sluis