Sports: How to choose?

gepubliceerd : 21 October 2012

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Sports: How to choose?

Finally: college year has started. Until now, you have made a lot of decisions, like choosing in which country to study, where to live and which courses to choose. And naturally you need to sport to stay in shape (those frozen pizza kilos aren’t going to burn off themselves), but how to choose?

A student sports club has a lot to offer. You get to meet new people, come at places you might never heard of (Uithuizermeeden, Surhuisterveen, Grootegast), and it is good to stay in shape. Besides the loads of fun you get from sporting, it is also very healthy in combination with your study. Through exercising, your brains are better capable to process all the information you are getting at your classes.

So it is obvious you need to exercise. Maybe you already have a passion for a particular sport, because you played it at home. You probably won’t have any problem finding a student sports club in Groningen. Most of them are under the overall organization Aclo. You should check Aclo’s website to see whether your sport is offered or not.

If you don’t have any clue of which sport you should choose, it is good to clear up your expectation. Maybe you’re not the best sportsman, but just looking for good company to party and have fun with. In that case, larger student sports clubs are the best choice for you. In the Netherlands, football and field hockey are two of the most played sports, and so they are in Groningen. Those clubs also have low-level teams. Take a look at the student field hockey club and the student football club (only in Dutch though). Those clubs have lots of parties, and you can always find someone in the sports canteen to have a drink with.

If you are still absolutely clueless, just take another look at the Aclo website. Aclo offers courses for shorter periods of time, so that you can try a different sport every few weeks. They have some quite interesting ones, like kitesurfing, poledance, martial arts, underwater hockey and snorkeling. And it’s all for free if you’re a member of the Aclo.

You might have played a particular sport on a very high level at home. You don’t have to pause or quit while studying, because a lot of student sports teams play on the highest level in the Netherlands (in all kinds of sports). And, some of the best sportsmen of the country have been trained in Groningen. Rogier Blink for example, he rowed at the Olympics three times, and normally rows at student row club Gyas. And in London last summer, Netherlands’ most famous gymnast Epke Zonderland, received a gold medal in the high bar. Zonderland studies medicine at the University of Groningen (RUG). Your student life clearly doesn’t have to affect your sports ambitions!

Fortunately, there is enough choice and the sports fees are always very low. So you don’t have any excuse to stay a couch potato watching Eurosport. Come on, go and sport!

By: Yoni Pasman