Tell us about the past Groningen!

gepubliceerd : 17 June 2014

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You might already know it, but the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) is celebrating its 400th birthday this year – the perfect occasion to throw a massive party! The theme is For Infinity and from the fifteenth of May to the fifteenth of June there will be lots of events, but it’s already possible to enjoy the history of students in Groningen at the Groninger Museum. And don’t think that it’s boring to visit a museum, because GroningenLife! found out that an exposition about students can be very informative and inspiring! 

The building of the Groninger Museum is a must-see when you’re in Groningen. And that’s because a major part is under water and the modern style contradicts with the old houses at the singels and the station of Groningen. The combination of this effect and the exposition might be the best reason in years to visit the museum

Because once you’re inside you will be dragged into the lives of students over the years. Especially the history of the student associations is highlighted, and that history is a rich one. Maybe you’re familiar with Vindicat and Albertus, two of the oldest student associations in Holland. Yearbooks, posters and funny gadgets will take you back in time. And also the smaller associations, like the Frisian club Bernlef, are taken into account.  

Fortunately, student life is not only about associations. Through the years Groningen produced some talented (ex-)students who were thrilled to conquer the world with their (political) beliefs or talents. Like Epke Zonderland who won a gold medal on the London Olympic Games in 2012 and Wilfred Genee, the host of the most famous talk show about football in the Netherlands. There is even a television show about students here, called STUGtv.

The exhibition about student life in Groningen consists of three parts. Besides the Groninger Museum the beautiful Der Aa-kerk (a church) and the University Museum are also used as a platform. In these buildings you can learn all about science and the art of the university. These expositions will start a little later, on the 9th of April, and will be showed ‘till the 26th of June. The museum will be showing its exposition about students ‘till August. So, come on, and take a look. You’ll learn something about Dutch studying and the history of Groninger students!

By Benjamin de Bruijn
Photo by Sacha de Boer