The GasTerra Flames are on fire!

gepubliceerd : 07 June 2012

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The GasTerra Flames are on fire!

Cheerleaders, drums, ridiculously large foam hands, shoot-outs….whoever thought basketball was an established sport only in the States or that China was the only country where it’s up and coming couldn’t be more wrong. Well established and getting bigger all the time; Groningen’s basketball team the GasTerra Flames make the city proud.

The city’s football team may have had a dramatic season, but fortunately the GasTerra Flames make sure there’s still sports of the highest level to be seen, proving that you don’t have to be in the USA to watch a quality basketball match. The Flames are consistently competing for the Dutch championship and they’ve won it as recently as 2010. All the fans poured into the Grote Markt to celebrate. This year the team ended in an honourable second place and they are still competing for the cup.

There’s a dedicated crowd of fans who wouldn’t miss a match and they share the seats with students and other locals who are eager to watch a good game every now and then. Everyone’s welcome to come cheer. That’s the reason why there’s always an enthusiastic crowd in the Martini Plaza, where the home matches are played and which happens to be the largest basketball stadium in the country. Tickets are only 16 euro’s, so don’t let that withhold you to share in the excitement. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be chosen for the shoot-out at half time. If you shoot it through the ring from centre court you could win a car!

We may not the biggest league on earth and basketball isn’t even the number one sport, but when you’ve cheered the Flames on’ll be back for more!

By: Ido Venhuizen