The Netherlands: the perfect country for international students

gepubliceerd : 21 April 2012

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The Netherlands: the perfect country for international students

The choice to study a semester or even a complete degree in a foreign country is for many students not difficult: the opportunity to live in a different country and explore another culture, together with meeting plenty of new people who become your friends for life.

ScienceGuide, a major online newsmagazine in the Netherlands focused on innovation and knowledge, recently published an article in which the Netherlands is perceived as a higher education paradise. Multiple reasons can clarify why this is the case: the tuition fees in the Netherlands aren’t as high as those in the UK, its an easy culture for a foreign person to live, and the Dutch are generally very welcoming and eager to speak English.

Another aspect that is quite unique within the Netherlands, are the industry placements. In Groningen, students from both the Hanze University of Applied sciences and the University of Groningen have the possibility to do an internship at an organization for a couple of months. You can, for example, work as a marketing professional when studying International Communication. That way you can already get a peak into the work field.

Also, Dutch education has a high rank in international reputation. There are eleven universities placed in the top 200 of major rankings. In Groningen, The University of Groningen only already has 3000 international students visiting Groningen each year!

So when you still doubt which country you should go for your Erasmus, consider the Netherlands and especially the study programmes Groningen has to offer for international students!

By: Petra Vledder