The Spring Holidays are coming!

gepubliceerd : 10 April 2012

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The Spring Holidays are coming!

Spring brings a smile to people’s faces. We can finally get out without a coat again and have a cold one in the sun. In Groningen there’s another reason to smile; when the sun begins to shine again it’s time for a couple of awesome national holiday’s!

Queen’s Day
The first national holiday during spring is Easter, the 8th and 9th of April this year. Everyone has the Monday off! One of the best holiday’s of the year is on the 30th of April: Queen’s day . The entire country is gripped by Orange fever (orange is our national colour). This means almost everyone is wearing orange clothes or hats, some even have their hair painted orange and entire streets are filled with orange decorations. The main events throughout the nation are large flea markets in every city where everyone is allowed to sell their stuff. A typical Queen’s day is spent grabbing a refreshing drink in the sun with some friends and checking out some free open air concerts.

It’s tradition to go out on Queen’s Night, the 29th to the 30th. That night the party scene is booming, since everyone has the day off after. There are massive crowds in the city centre and many café’s have bars placed outside. Queen’s Day is actually a celebration of, you might have guessed it, our Queen’s birthday, but for most people it is really about having fun together. You’ll find that everyone is ready to party.

Liberation Day
For the Netherlands the Second World War ended on the 5th of May 1945. This holiday is now called Liberation day and it’s one big celebration. There’s a Liberation Festival in Groningen, meaning good open air concerts for free! Liberation Day typically inspires that characteristic festival atmosphere. Carelessly lying about whenever you want to, listening to music with friends and feeling like you got all the time in the world. All the concerts are held in the stadspark (city park), to make sure there’s enough space for everyone to enjoy it.

On Pentecost everyone has the Monday off again (this year the 29th of May). There are no national events like on Queen’s Day or Liberation Day, but since it’s another long weekend many people take the opportunity to go out and many associations plan activities like fair’s or sporting events. In Groningen, for example, the student football association The Knickerbockers is hosting the 24th edition of their International Tournament. As they describe it themselves: ‘For three days, people from all over Europe, and sometimes even beyond, will gather in Groningen to play football, drink beer, socialize, party, and drink more beer’.

You can’t deny it; spending springtime in Groningen is a double luxury. The weather is getting sunnier by the day, which is in itself a relaxing experience, making it possible to go out and enjoy the sun more often. On top of that, there are multiple awesome holiday’s to enjoy!

By: Ido Venhuizen