Tips of the Month: December

gepubliceerd : 08 December 2014

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The year is almost over and you’re probably looking forward to the December festivities. However, apart from our Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’ and the usual Christmas traditions, there’s much more to do in Groningen! In case you’re in need of a night filled with hobbit-movies or if you’like folk music at Christmas, Groningen is the place to be.

December 10thThe Hobbit marathon

On December 11th, the latest Hobbit movie will be released; enough reason to organise a Hobbit night. Cinema Wolff, situated in the FC Groningen stadium, is offering you the chance to watch a 3D Martin Freeman all night long. From 17:30 until midnight, the first two parts will be shown, followed by the premiere of The Hobbit: The battle of the five armies. Wolff Cinema has also taken care of the food. You can get savoury snacks during the breaks for only 1,50!

December 11ththe Big Man himself

The Big Man himself is a DJ-event, organised by the popular deep house platform Pleinvrees. Usually they throw parties in Amsterdam, but from time to time they also come to Groningen. The last time they came, everything was sold out and it was a huge success! This time the line-up will be Olivier Schories, Olivier Schories and Olivier Schories. Isn’t that boring? Hell no. This guy has had several hits such as ‘be’, ‘go’, ‘another day’ and the remix of Florence and the Machine. So Olivier will manage on his own. A ticket costs 9,50 and you can buy it here!

December 19 – 21 – Winterwelvaart

The cutest event of the north is approaching! The charter ships on the Hoge and Lage der A will be open to the public, so all the boat lovers can take a look. There will also be a Christmas market on the quay and you can enjoy several concerts, lectures, theatre and art. This Groninger canal is always quite beautiful with its old warehouses, impressive ships and cosy cafes, but this weekend it becomes the most romantic part of town.

December 22th – How to throw a Christmas Party

You probably associate Christmas with old pine needles in every corner of the room, obligatory dinners with the family and Maria Carey; cosy, but two Christmas days is enough. Luckily, the collective ‘How to throw a Christmas Party’ will show us another way of celebrating Christmas in the Oosterpoort. It is described as ‘a nativity scene in your face, sparkling folk music and an irresistible swing in your hips’. Several famous Dutch artists have worked on this collective, such as Blaudzun, Eefje de Visser and Kyteman. So take off that reindeer jumper, switch Maria Carey off and drag your family to this event in the Oosterpoort!

See you next year!

By Lucia Grijpink
Photo by Peter Voerman