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gepubliceerd : 22 October 2013

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Groningen is alive and kicking! Students are always on the roll doing new stuff and everyday of the week there’s something new to do in the city of the North. Whether you're looking for cultural things, sports or music, you'll find what you're looking for in Groningen. This overloaded agenda requires the making of choices and that is not that easy when you're new in a big city. GroningenLife! decided to help out and listed the best events to join in this month. 

ESN Excursions: Walibi World Halloween Night (theme park) 19-10
ESN, the international student association, organizes excursions in order to get to know the whole of the Netherlands. An important part of Dutch culture is theme parks and that’s why we have some pretty big ones around here. Walibi World is probably the coolest one and especially when you visit it on Halloween Night. The whole park, which is huge, will be decorated with pumpkins and other creepy stuff. If you want to join in, make sure to subscribe soon! 

Rotterdam Film Festival in Groningen 26-10 and 27-10
On Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th, the beautiful venue of ForumImages will be the host of the Rotterdam Film Festival. The whole weekend they will show breathtaking documentaries about both Dutch and foreign architecture, that keeps on catching the eye. So if you’ re interested in architecture and art or if you just want to watch a cool movie in a cool place, you should just go and have a look! 

Baskerville in Simplon Groningen: fr 25-10
When you’re looking for a party, you should go and see Baskerville on Friday the 25th in Simplon. Baskerville is a Dutch electro-formation that consists of two producers who make bangin’ tracks! They have reached the Dutch hitlists a couple of times and their biggest success was Devil Town, which you might recognize. Next to that they have a lot more jokes on their sleeve and their performances are a guarantee for an evening partying. If you like them, maybe you can help them with breaking through internationally!

Restaurant/Café of the month: De Sigaar
Next to music, culture, parties and sports, Groningen is well known for its many places to eat.
This year, De Sigaar won the prize of having the best terrace of the city Just go there, you’ll see why. With sunny weather, you can lounge all day on a beautiful place next to the canal, but if the weather is less sunny you’re also invited to have a look inside. Over there, it’s always cozy and the place has the atmosphere of an old pub. They serve a good dinner and for an affordable price, considering the near empty wallet of a regular student in Groningen.