Tips of the month: April

gepubliceerd : 03 April 2014

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The examination week is almost over, so it’s time for some great activities! There is a lot to do in Groningen this month and with hopefully beautiful weather it’s going to be a great month. A few activities where you should participate in are the following:

April 11 & 12 – Beer festival in Martini church
Let’s start with something that every student likes: drinking (a couple of) beers. Are you a beer lover? Then it’s your lucky month! On 11 and 12 April, the fourth edition of Groningen Beer Festival will take place in the Martini church. During the weekend, visitors are able to taste over 120 types of draft beer, not just from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium, Germany and America. There will also be master classes by internationally acclaimed beer gurus.

So, are you enthusiastic and curious about this event? Check this site for more information about prices and times. 

April 17 – The Passion
Almost everybody loves the free weekend during Easter in Holland. But do you know why it’s Easter and what’s the story behind it? In Holland there is a huge musical event called ‘The Passion’, held every year. It’s about the final hours of Jesus’ life, his passion and his resurrection. During a big live pop event, well-known Dutch artists play prominent characters from the Bible, like Jesus, Mary and Judas, and they will perform in different scenes. The event is held in another city every year, and guess what? This year in Groningen!

The Vismarkt will be the decor for this event. You probably don’t know famous Dutch actors and singers from television, but I can tell you: they are all in Groningen on April 17. So, are you curious already? Come and take a look and hope for some dry weather.

For more information, check this site.

April 18 – Annual Flower Market
Every year Groningen will be filled with flowers and plants when the Good Friday Flower Market comes to town. This market is held on the Friday before Easter every year, and is the biggest flower and plant market in the north of the Netherlands. During the Flower Market, there will be over a hundred stalls all over the city center

A little tip: do not cycle through the city center, you will end up in some plants probably. It’s better to walk. Do you want to see some pictures of this flowery event? Check this link.

April 26 – First King’s day!
The first King’s Day of the Netherlands will be celebrated on Saturday 26 april. On this day we celebrate the birthday of our king Willem Alexander.  The city of Groningen has a truly Royal program this day.

The night before King’s Day is already a party night and is called ‘Orange Night’. With outdoor performances on stages all over the city center, it’s bound to be a great night. The party continues on King’s Day, with activities for every age at many different locations in the center. And there’s a lot going on around the center too, like flea markets. Maybe you can score cheap stuff there!

Little tip: dress orange. Everybody will. 

By Beppie van der Sluis