Tips of the Month: February

gepubliceerd : 02 February 2014

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Your exams are done or you just arrived in Groningen, either way February is a perfect month to discover student life in Groningen. GroningenLife! again listed some of the coolest things you should do or go to in February!

Introduction week ESN February edition
31-1-2014 – 5-2-2014
The Erasmus Student Network Groningen (ESN) Introductionweek is the best way to start off your time in Groningen. There are lots of awesome activities during this week, like salsa lessons, a bands night, and, of course, the notorious pub crawl. The ESN Introductionweek is a great way to meet new people and to explore the ‘Groningse studentenleven’!

Stukafest is a great festival for students. Amongst half full cans of beer, dishes (probably dirty) and old floors, thirteen artists, poets and stand-up comedians show their skills. Thirteen student rooms across the beautiful city of Groningen will be turned into cozy stages. And to make it even better: it’s very cheap! There are three rounds, to join one will cost you € 4,50 and it’s € 11,- to watch all three rounds. One of the acts is Marike Jager, a successful Dutch singer-songwriter and a very good reason to buy a ticket!

Marvari Groningen
Folkingestraat 40
It’s getting cold and you all know what that means: warm clothing! There’s a nice little shop in Groningen, in the Folkingestraat to be more specific, where you can buy jumpers and coats with all kinds of prints like reindeers and the flag of Groningen. Somewhere in the back of the shop there’s a man, probably the owner, playing his ukulele which makes the whole setting very special. So when you’re looking for warm clothing and a souviner, you should visit Marvari. The man with the ukulele is waiting for you!

Vera Groningen
Oosterstraat 44
Vera is a small stage hosting a lot of concerts with talented artists. Many promising bands and singers have played in Vera like U2 in 1980 and Franz Ferdinand more recently in 2004. Vera is kind of an underground stage which brings a unique sphere during the concerts. And by the way, Stukafest is also using the stage during their festival!  Check out the agenda for the upcoming shows.

Scoupy bonus
Last but not least, a great tip for every student: the Scoupy application! Install this application on your smartphone and you will be able to enjoy marvelous discounts on lots of different things like beer in ‘t Golden Fust (a pub) and dinner in various restaurants. Perhaps one of the best offers of Scoupy are the cinema tickets for only € 13,- at Wolff in the FC Groningen stadium Euroborg. Just ‘slide’ your bonus and enjoy!

By Benjamin de Bruijn