Tips of the month: March

gepubliceerd : 02 March 2014

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February is almost over, so it’s time for the wonderful month we call March. And March offers a varied program full of activities! 

March 1 - Yuck + Avery Plains in Vera
Are you sick and tired of expensive concert tickets for famous artists, which you cannot afford as a student? Come and take a look in the Vera, the pop culture center of Groningen. Kick-off is the 1st of March by Yuck + Avery Plains, a band which best can be placed under the genre noisepop. Tickets are available for only 8€. Not something you like? Browse to Vera’s calendar of March, and check whether there’s something you do like.

March 8 – Open day Hanzehogeschool
Are you planning to study in Groningen and perhaps have no clue what you’re going to study yet? Then the open day at the Hanzehogeschool is something for you! This day gives you the opportunity to get informed about the possibilities you have as a student at Hanzehogeschool. During this day, bachelor, master and MBA students and lecturers will be present, so you can ask them everything you want in your quest finding the right education.

You can apply here, to attend the open day.

March 22 – Exposition First World War Shipping Museum
For the history freaks among us: from March 22 until June 9 an exposition is held in the Northern Shipping Museum. The exposition is called ‘Forced freedom. The English Camp in Groningen 1914-1918’. It’s exactly one hundred years ago World War I started in August this year. The Netherlands had no role in this war because of a neutral status, but that doesn’t mean the war went by unnoticed. Groningen was directly involved because of its English camp. The camp was located at the Kempkensberg, the area where the DUO is located one hundred years later. 1500 English marines were installed in the camp in 1914.

The exhibition tells the story about the English marines and their relationship with the city of Groningen. A ticket for this exhibition is only 6€.  

March 28 – Whisky festival
Do you like a drink? Then the whisky festival organized between March 28 and March 30, is definitely something for you! The beautiful Der Aa-kerk is the location for the annual Whisky Festival Northern Netherlands. Thousands of visitors who like whisky are coming to the festival every year.  The upcoming edition is bound to be a success, with more attention to the proces of creating whisky and the tasting of whisky. Don’t know how to drink whisky or if you even like whisky? Let yourself be overwhelmed!

Ice skating at Kardinge
The speed skating hype probably got your attention after the successful Dutch during the Olympics in Sochi. You feel like putting your own skills to the test? That’s possible! Natural ice isn’t cooperating this winter, but the icerink in Kardinge Sport Center is quite an alternative. Only 6,20€ to have fun on the ice. If you’re in the possession of an Aclo-card, you can skate your laps for only 4,10€.

If you’re not that into ice skating, and you feel like summer can’t come soon enough, then you can also take a dive in the subtropical swimming paradise of Kardinge. Again with discount if you’re in possession of an Aclo-card.

Enough activities this month, have fun!

By Beppie van der Sluis