Tips of the Month: May

gepubliceerd : 06 May 2014

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After the first Kingsday ever in the Netherlands, the party continues in May! You have to check these activities:

May 14 – Aclo Vitalis run
For all sportive people: May 14 the ‘Aclo Vitalis run’ will be held. Do you want to test your stamina? Or you want to get in shape for the summer to shine in your bikinis or swimming pants on the beaches? Join this run! You can choose between two distances: 4 or 7 km. The run is nearby the Aclo and... participation is free!

Check this site to sign up!

May 15 – RUG Gala 400, ‘Mysteria’
On the 15th of May 2014, students and staff will celebrate the 400 year anniversary of the University of Groningen together in Martini Plaza. This will be the biggest student gala ever in The Netherlands with music from bands and DJ's alongside a magnificent décor. Of course, it’s a sweet occasion to dress up nice. Even better, the theme is ‘Mysteria’, so you could even let your creative mastermind do the work…  So, bring your date along for the party of the year!

Tickets are available for purchase by University students, University staff and University medical Centre staff, and cost 15 euros. It is possible to bring (non-student) guests though! There is a maximum of 4 tickets per person, so you’re free to take your date(s) with you!

Want some more information? Check this site! Please note, ticket prices are excluding drinks.

May 24 – The Night of Art and Science
On Saturday 24 May, the fifth Night of Art & Science will be held in Groningen. The event will start at 17:00. Until the early hours, the festival offers interesting and cool combinations of art and science in different locations, like the Vismarkt and in the Academy building. It will be a wonderful night with over 200 acts, expositions, bands and many more. That means that, yes, even for you, there is an abundance of awesome events to see! And if you have doubts, just think of the happy atmosphere that will fill the city streets – it’s worth it. Most of the performances will take about 30 minutes.

The tickets are ten euros and you can buy your tickets here.

Every Monday – International Student Night at ‘Drie Gezusters’
Every Monday night ESN hosts the ESN Student Night at the Drie Gezusters! This night is specially for international students, to integrate in Groningen and meet new people. And what would a social drink be without a Happy Hour? That's right, nothing! In Groningen, we therefore offer you guys a reduced price for drinks between 22:00 and 01:00. Beer, wine and soda will only cost you €1,50. Besides, the Drie Gezusters created special ESN colour shots, 6 for  €5. The night will end when you guys say it is over!

Have fun this month!

By Beppie van der Sluis