Tips of the Month: November!

gepubliceerd : 02 November 2014

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Still recovering from all the events from last month?  Hurry up, because November has lots of awesomeness in store as well!

November 2nd – Walk-in Concerts

Usually Sundays in Groningen tend to be a little quiet. However, November 2nd will be different. First of all the shops will be open, but there is more… This particular Sunday there will be a range of little bands and musicians grooving up your Sunday afternoon, as they’ll be playing live music in a number of stores!

November 13th – Go Back To The Zoo + Support

Want to get familiar with the Dutch music industry? Then this is a perfect opportunity for you. Go Back To The Zoo is a Dutch pop-rock band and they’ll be performing in Vera on the 13th of November. Make sure to get your tickets in advance and enjoy the night while relishing some cold beers and great company.

November 14th till December 7th – World Press Photo

Every year the World Press Photo exposition takes place in the magnificent Medieval Aa-kerk (yes, it is a church!). In case you’re into photography or just want to go wandering along the most impressive press photos of last year, this is your chance!

November 15th – Sinterklaas parade

If you’re coming to the Netherlands
And you’re still willing to make plans
For the 15th of November
Than this is definitely something to remember

We’d like to introduce you to St. Nicholas
A bearded fellow, quite the boss
Admired by children, loved by many
Even if you’re over twenty

On the 15th of November he arrives by boat
Dressed up in his bright red coat
Travelled al the way from Spain
Just to cheer us up againe

You’ll be wandering ‘who’s this man?’
With all his friends so black and tan
Get your knowledge up to date
Welcome to Dutch culture mate!

November 30th – IDFA’s favourites

On the 30th of November, the Groninger Forum will show the audience’s favourites from the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. If you’re looking out for a lazy Sunday, lying back while watching the best and most impressive documentaries from around the world, then this is your chance!  No need to worry in case you get hungry, they have a perfectly fine restaurant as well!

Door Anouk Theunissen
Foto door Sander van der Wel