Tips of the Month: October!

gepubliceerd : 03 October 2014

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You’re going to be busy in October. There’s so much to see and so much to do in Groningen! We’ve made a list of the highlights for you.

October 4th - Oktoberfest

One of the pros of living close to the border of our eastern neighbours is that we can make the most of all the fun German traditions. On October 4th for example, the third edition of the Oktoberfest will take place! A huge tent will be placed in the middle of the Ebbingekwartier with long tables in it. The night will be filled with beer und gesang, accompanied by live music. Everyone is supposed to be dressed in the Oktoberfest theme. Don’t just think about dirndls and lederhosen, since costumes such as die Manschaft or Bradwurst are also allowed if that’s what makes you happy.

October 7th - Italiafilm

Italians can bake delicious pizzas, spend money and they’re good at flirting. However, did you know that they can also make fantastic films? ForumImages considers the Italian film industries to be underrated, therefor they started the project ‘ItaliaFilm’. They will show three Italian films, introduced by Vincenzo Tabacco. The reason why he’s the right person to do this, is not because he’s got such a beautiful name, but mainly because he is a filmmaker and a teacher in the Italian language. On October 7th, the first movie will be shown; 'La prima cosa bella'. In this film, two sisters and one brother think back to their childhood with their mother, Anna. She was ‘the most beautiful mother on the beach’ and had a turbulent life with many lovers.

October 9th - Popronde

The Popronde (English: Popround) is a series of concerts in the twenty largest cities in Holland. On such a night about 35 upcoming bands are performing on different locations, hoping to break through. In the past this formula has proven to be very successful. Many bands, such as Racoon, Go Back to the Zoo, Chef’s Special en Kensington used to be part of the Popronde and are now performing on the biggest stages in Holland. On October 9th, the Popronde is coming to Groningen! Click here if you want to see the entire program and the different locations.

October 12th - 4 Miles 

Start: 13.30 in Haren
Finish: Vismarkt

In case you want to do something on October 12th which requires going to the centre of Groningen, don’t even try. On this date almost 20.000 people will run from the Hortus in Haren to the Vismarkt in Groningen. This is a distance of four milesFor this huge event, the entire centre will be fenced off. The first half of Groningen is cheering at the other half. They don’t just cheer by screaming loudly, but also by waving with sponges and there are several (marching) bands. It’s an extremely friendly event, which you have to experience at least once if you’re living in Groningen. Unfortunately the application-list is closed, however cheering is always allowed! Last year, a writer of GroningenLife participated in the 4 Miles with a GoPro camera on his head. This resulted in a fantastic impression of the atmosphere. Click here if you want to check out this special video.

Until October 26th - Tins & Wrappings

You must know them; those cute tins which your granny uses to contain coffee or cookies. In Holland they’re mainly produced by the brands Verkade, Droste, Douwe Egberts and Van Nelle. In the Museum for Graphic Ideas, there’s a complete exhibition on these tins! You can see how they are made, which corny and old-fashioned advertisements were used and what distinguishes these tins. And did you know that several social-economic issues were included in the designs? You can visit this exhibition until October 26th in the GR-ID!

By Lucia Grijpink